Freiburg Women’s Shelter / Solidarité Femmes Fribourg

Violence against women exists in all social classes, independent of economic, educational, religious and social backgrounds. This violence is unacceptable and cannot be justified under any circumstances.

It’s possible to leave!


  • your partner humiliates, threatens or abuses you;
  • you live in a climate of fear and violence;

you have the right, according to Article 175 ZGB (Swiss Civil Law), to leave home with your children.

Where to go?

You can contact the women’s shelter which can provide you with advice and temporary housing where you will reside with other women and children who have been living under circumstances similar to yours.

The women’s shelter offers you…

Psychological support as well as administrative and judicial counsel. We are on your side in the fight against violence, and are here to support and inform you. Nevertheless, you remain independent and make all decisions concerning your future. Financial problems won’t prevent you from being welcomed at the women’s shelter–together we will find a solution.

The women’s shelter can be reached… 026/322.22.02

Day and night by telephone. The address is kept confidential for safety reasons.

If possible, bring…

Personal documents (passport, work permit, family booklet, etc.), medical certificate, money, clothes, and your children’s favourite toys.